A day on an African Yoga Safari: Surrender to the Rhythm of Mother Nature.

Each day on safari with Exotic Yoga Retreats is bookmarked by a sky ablaze with colour. Sunrise and sunset is when it’s best to view wild animals in the African bush. This calls upon us to drop everything else we may be doing in order to observe and fully appreciate the profound twice daily occurrence.

In the normal flow of life, as we go about fulfilling job requirements, or home and social responsibilities, we rarely notice this, and yet in the bush, it is the most important factor to a day.

As the sun rises and falls, there is a stillness that envelops the bushveld. The energy is charged, as if the landscape and all the wildlife on it have taken a collective inhalation. We pause in unison. Once we return to our lodge after a morning game drive, there is commonly time for a lazy brunch, and then rest. Over the middle of each day, the heat in the African bush rises, and as the animals seek shelter from the sun and doze - so do safari guests.

Then, just as the heat starts to die down, it’s the perfect time for yoga. When you are in a safari lodge, it is not possible to simply take a run or walk for exercise - wild animals surround you! Although the lodge itself is completely safe, it's advisable to only venture into the wilderness in a safari vehicle or on foot with a game ranger.

This means that yoga is a wonderful form of exercise in the African bush. You can enjoy a class on a deck, or veranda, with wilderness views and in the safety of the lodge grounds. Not only does it offer us the opportunity to stretch, tone and re-align, but it also keeps in with the rhythm of the bush.

Yoga is about observing energy, breath and body. These are all the components incorporated in an enjoyable safari game drive. With quiet observation, we notice some incredible details in the wilderness of a safari landscape. This is also the case with observing our own minds and bodies through yoga and meditation.

After an afternoon yoga session, there is an opportunity to grab a delicious, healthy snack and cup of tea, before starting out on the evening game drive. Just as the African sky is licked with orange, red and pink flames, the game ranger brings the vehicle to a halt, and you are invited to step out of the vehicle and observe this inspirational natural phenomenon with a sundowner drink in hand.

This is a safari tradition and an absolute joy! We pause in unison and celebrate the beauty of nature! Upon return to the lodge for dinner, there is commonly an opportunity to dine under the stars. With year-round temperate conditions, dining al-fresco is frequently an option. As the African bushveld has little light pollution, the stars are simply magical. The sky is lit up like a royal banquet. Surrounded by nature we feast!

When it’s time to retire for the night to your private suite, we drink in the soothing sounds of pristine wilderness. Sleep in the Africa bush is guaranteed to be sweet after a perfectly balanced day and plenty of fresh air. This is the moment to surrender, and to drift into the dreamscape of the African bush, before arising at dawn, refreshed and ready to dance with the rhythm of the wild once again.

Nina Butler – Exotic Yoga Retreats