Additional Activities

There are lots of additional activity options during your stay at Tuli Safari Lodge. (Please note there is an additional charge and a minimum number of participants for some of these activities)

Chilling – the lodge is a genuinely relaxing and peaceful place to spend time, with extensive shady gardens and lots of places to sit and read or do yoga or practice mindfulness … 🙂 The pool is a good enough size if you want some exercise or just a splash to cool down; there are several lovely lookout points over the reserve and an in-lodge walking trail. Our suites are all luxuriously large with wraparound decks and the perfect places to chill. For a few more thoughts on why going on safari is good for your soul, please see our blog!

Additional walks – two guided game activities per day are included in your stay, but subject to availability we can arrange additional guided walks for you. Please note that children must be aged over 12 to participate in bush walks.

Hides – there are several hides situated at key sites across the Tuli reserve. You can spend time in these with your guide as part of a morning or afternoon drive, or if you prefer you can spend some time on your own at the hides with just your binoculars, some drinks and snacks for company.

Community visit – an opportunity to visit the local village of Mothlabaneng. Our tour includes a visit to the school, a wine-tasting experience with a difference (at the lala-palm ‘distillery’) and a chance to see traditional basket-weaving, as well as the opportunity to see some of our community projects in action. Community visits are normally in the afternoon and last approx. 2 hours – exact details are dependent on the time of year so please check with the management team. 50% of all community visit activity fees is donated to our community fund to assist with the funding of various community projects.

After dinner drive – an optional extra if you are keen to try and spot some true nocturnal species and if you’re really lucky you might catch a glimpse of our resident aardvark!

Self-guided walking trail around the lodge grounds – enjoy a short self-guided walking trail of approx. 0.5km around the lodge grounds. The trail is marked by way of painted arrow markers, leading from the main entrance gate, through an area of riverine trees down towards the banks of the Limpopo River, across Tuli’s lovely gardens and back towards the main lodge area. Common animal sightings during the nature trail experience include bushbuck, squirrels, vervet monkeys, baboons, banded mongoose and warthogs with 90 birds counted by some enthusiastic birders in just one morning!

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