The Northern Tuli Game Reserve is a true haven for wildlife. There are 48 large mammal species present in the reserve, totaling approximately twenty thousand animals, which include elephant, fifteen large herbivore species and four cat species to mention but a few. Tuli Safari Lodge must be one of the few places where elephant shrews and elephants are (almost!) guaranteed sightings, sometimes from the same spot at the same time!

Mammals in the reserve include: aardvark (including a resident in the lodge grounds), aardwolf, chacma baboon, bushbaby (greater, lesser & thick-tailed), bushbuck, bushpig, caracal, black-footed cat, cheetah, civet, dassie (rock & yellow-spotted), common duiker, eland, elephant, elephant shrew, bat-eared and cape fox, genet (large and small spotted), giraffe, scrub and spring hare, hippopotamus, impala, black-backed jackal, klipspringer, kudu, leopard, lion, mongoose (banded, selous, slender & white-tailed), vervet monkey, cape clawless otter, pangolin, striped polecat, Jameson’s rock rabbit, serval, tree squirrel, steenbok, warthog, waterbuck, African wild cat, African wild dog, blue wildebeest, Burchell’s zebra, hyaena (brown & spotted), honeybadger. Rhino and buffalo are not present in the reserve.

Tuli is home to a large number of resident as well as migrant birds, 350 different bird species have been identified in the area with 90 different species counted in the lodge grounds by keen birders in just one morning.

Take a look at this video to give you a feel for the lodge, landscape and wildlife of Tuli.

The Northern Tuli Game Reserve (NOTUGRE) is also known as The Land of Giants – this was the title of a book about Tuli by photographer and author couple Roger and Pat de la Harpe. These giants relate to some of the Tuli specials: the huge vistas and big skies; enormous baobab and nyala berry trees; the large herds of plains game (including eland, the largest antelope species); large herds of Africa’s largest land mammal, Tuli’s famous elephants; a breeding ground for Africa’s heaviest flying bird, the kori bustard and the world’s largest bird, the ostrich, as well as Tuli’s great historical heritage. Please note that on some maps the Northern Tuli Game Reserve is listed as Mashatu or Mashatu Game Reserve.

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