History of tuli safari lodge

Tuli Safari Lodge feels like an authentic home in the bush. 


Tuli Safari Lodge was once a farm, originally registered in 1957. The history is a little vague, though we know attempts were made at farming cash crops under irrigation. In 1964, just as the Northern Tuli Game Reserve was founded, a Johannesburg businessman Monty Fuhr purchased the property and started transforming the farm into a safari lodge. The heart of the lodge is little changed since Monty’s day, retaining the charm and character of the era.


The Reserve is fascinating from a historical perspective. Bushmen paintings provide a reminder of the area’s original inhabitants thousands of years ago. Remains of ancient settlements relating to the Mapungubwe era (circa 1075-1220 AD) are dotted throughout the area, the most significant being the rock art in the area surrounding the Limpopo and Motloutse Rivers. The reserve also played a role in Rhodes’ Southern African empire-building and witnessed several conflicts during the Boer War.


Dating even further back, there is a rock shelter not far from the lodge, from which two charcoal samples were taken for carbon dating. These indicate that the site was occupied around 1000 years ago.


The history of Tuli Safari Lodge and its surrounding areas is complex yet incredibly interesting, with many different facets and interpretations. Visiting Tuli Safari Lodge is the best way to learn more about the areas interesting facts, folklore and tails


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