Tuli is rather unique in that it feels like a real home in the bush, with plenty to do (and lots of opportunity to relax) within the lodge itself. After driving through the ruggedly beauty wilderness, the lodge and its grounds feels like a true oasis. The temperature here is always a few degrees lower than in the surrounding bush.

Tuli Safari Lodge was once a farm, originally registered in 1957. The history is a little sketchy, though we know attempts were made at farming cash crops (including peanuts) under irrigation. In 1964, just as the Northern Tuli Game Reserve was founded, a Johannesburg businessman Monty Fuhr purchased the property and started transforming the farm into a safari lodge. Monty set a precedent that has stayed with Tuli to this day by warmly welcoming children of all ages, and by establishing the idyllic gardens which make the lodge such a relaxing retreat over and above the fantastic safari experience.

The heart of the lodge is little changed from Monty’s day, retaining the charm and character of the era. The bar is built around the base of a 500 year old Nyala berry tree – one local lady recalls being lifted up into the branches of this tree by her grandfather to protect her from lions!

Looking even further back, there is a rock shelter not far from the lodge, from where two charcoal samples were recently taken for carbon dating. These indicate that the site was occupied around 1000 years ago. The shelter also contains rock paintings which may date back even further.

Tuli Safari Lodge is committed to supporting the local community neighbouring the Reserve. 85% of our staff originate from these villages, and 60% of our purchases are made in our local Bobirwa district (86% of our purchases are made in Botswana).

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